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Immortal Passes are large structures with unique legends, powerful artefacts and fast mounts.

Immortal Passes can be captured by players, having to fight two waves of legends. Once captured, players have the ability to buy powerful artefacts usable for any legend, special legends, their exclusive artefacts and mounts.

Players must use legends named, Heavenly Drum, Heavenly Music, and Splendid Flute, this can be done by changing the name of a non-famous legend.

Type Icon Owner City flag Symbol on map Advantages
Heavenly Yunzhongzi Higher chance of recruiting better legends.
Fairy Jing Higher chance of obtaining more powerful weapons.
Demonic Huang Feihu Higher chance of taming more powerful beasts.

Legend Mount Artefact Extra
Chi Xing None Green Fang
Dai Jun Dune Crow Life Seal
Gaoxiao General Horse Jade Halbderd
Great Yunjie Elder Liger Fire-link II
Ju Ming None Fairy Dust
Sage Jiu Elder Roc Fire-link Totem
Shisui Zha Shifting Mist Beryl Wings Life Keg
Sun Gao None Sun Geode
Wei Qian None Celestial Jar

Legends foughtEdit

Heavenly Passes
Legend Icon Order Troops
Tian Xiaoxian Tian Xiaoxian Warrior Charioteer Icon 65,000
Heaven Seer Heaven Seer Seer Charioteer Icon 65,000
Han Zhixian Han Zhixian Monk Halberdier Icon 300,000
Bian Daxian Bian Daxian Warrior Archer Icon 150,000
Heaven Seer Heaven Seer Seer Swordsmen Icon 500,000
Li Jing Li Jing Warrior Archer Icon 100,000
Jinzha Jinzha Warrior Halberdier Icon 200,000
Muzha Muzha Warrior Swordsmen Icon 180,000
Nezha Nezha Warrior Charioteer Icon 80,000
Heaven Guard Heaven Guard Warrior Halberdier Icon 110,000
Yang Jian Yang Jian Warrior Archer Icon 230,000
Fairy Passes
Legend Icon Order Troops
Tai Su Tai Su Warrior Charioteer Icon 50,000
Fairy Fairy Warrior Charioteer Icon 65,000
Jin Guang Sheng Mu Jin Guang Sheng Mu Seer Halberdier Icon 210,000
Ju Liusun Ju Liusun Monk Archer Icon 150,000
Jing Jing Seer Archer Icon 1,000,000
Hou Tu Godess Hou Tu Godess Seer Archer Icon 110,000
Batou Batou Warrior Halberdier Icon 150,000
Joumu Fairy Joumu Fairy Monk Charioteer Icon 180,000
Wonderful Wonderful Warrior Charioteer Icon 80,000
Pipa Spirit Pipa Spirit Seer Charioteer Icon 90,000
Pheasant Spirit Pheasant Spirit Seer Archer Icon 230,000
Demonic Passes
Legend Icon Order Troops
Ma Yuan Ma Yuan Warrior Halberdier Icon 250,000
Yama Yama Seer Halberdier Icon 105,000
Lian Zhen Xing Lian Zhen Xing Seer Halberdier Icon 230,000
Chong Heihu Chong Heihu Monk Archer Icon 110,000
Huang Feihu Huang Feihu Warrior Charioteer Icon 220,000
Long Xu Hu Long Xu Hu Seer Archer Icon 110,000
Wu Long Wu Long Warrior Archer Icon 90,000
Ku Xiaoxian Ku Xiaoxian Monk Charioteer Icon 85,000
Hao Ting Hao Ting Warrior Charioteer Icon 110,000
Sun Liang Sun Liang Seer Swordsmen Icon 310,000
Lord Songdi Lord Songdi Seer Archer Icon 75,000